What Do I Need To Do When Selling My Car For Scrap?

Posted on 21th, Jun 19

If you’re stuck with a scrap car that you want to sell but are not sure how to go about it, then this guide is for you. Car Removals On Time is a scrap car buyer, wrecker and recycler in Melbourne. With Top Cash for Car payments of up to $9,999 and many years of experience in the industry, we know all the questions that scrap car sellers typically have when selling their vehicle. So, we’ve put together this ‘Scrap Car Selling Guide’ to help you out.

Things To Do Before Selling Your Scrap Car To A Car Removal Company

Sell your Scrap-Cars

Remove The Registration Plates

Selling your scrap car to a wrecker is slightly different than selling a used car to a dealer or private buyer. Since a scrap car is one that’s beyond repair, the only way to get rid of it is to sell it to a car wrecker, who will then wreck the vehicle to pull reusable parts and recycle the scrap metals. Since the car is going to be wrecked and recycled, you need to remove the registration plates and hand them over at the RTA center. There is also paperwork to be done to transfer receipt, but if you sell your scrap car to Car Removals Melbourne On Time, we will take care of the paperwork for you for free.

Check For Any Valuables Left Behind

You never know what you might find with a thorough check of the interiors as well as the boot of the car. From a pair of sunglasses to jewelry and other valuables, people find long lost treasures when they search every nook and cranny. Be sure to check under the seats, between the seats and anywhere else you think small items could’ve gotten stuck. It’s a good idea to vacuum the interiors and check to see if anything of value turned up in the process.

How To Sell Your Scrap Car For Cash Today?

With Car Removals On-Time, selling your scrap car is simple since we do all the work, making it an effortless process for you. Here’s what we require you to do to Sell Your Scrap Car to us:

1. Provide us with details of the car for sale. You can do this over the phone. Give us a call at the number given below and let us know your car’s make, model and current condition.
2. Once we have all the relevant details, our appraisers will provide you with a Cash for Scrap Cars quote. This process is quick and only takes minutes.
3. If you like our offer, accept it and let us know when we should come to your location to collect the scrap car.
4. Our team of auto and towing experts will come to your place to pay you by Online Bank Payment or Cheque and tow away the scrap car.

Contact Us To Sell Your Scrap Car For Top Cash

With Car Removals On-Time, selling your scrap car doesn’t have to be a complex or confusing process. We’ll guide you from start to finish and take care of everything, so you can enjoy a quick and smooth Cash for Scrap Cars sale.

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