Can You Sell A Car in Melbourne That Needs Repairs ?

Posted on 20th, Aug 19

You can sell a car, no matter what its condition is, in Melbourne. Selling a car is not the same as putting it on the road, however. Before a car can be put on the road, it must be certified as ‘roadworthy’ by Vic Roads.

VicRoads plans to develop and manage the arterial road networks. The organisation also delivers road safety initiatives and customer focused registration and licensing services. Vic Roads manage the network of Garages who are licensed to issue you with a Certificate of Roadworthiness that entitles you to drive your vehicle on our roads.

What if your car’s repair costs exceed its value?

In this case, there is no point in carrying out the repairs. For a simple reason – you will never get your money back. What you’re better off doing, in this situation, is selling your car off as scrap and buying a new one.

When your car‘s repair bill exceeds its value, there is no point in carrying out the repairs. What you may as well as do is get rid of the car. But who will buy such a car with no further commercial value to it? Cash for Car dealers will. Moreover, they will give you the Top Cash for your Cars & take an old car you no longer need off your hand.

So, if you have a car that’s not working or a car you cannot afford to repair, then Cash for Car Dealer is who you need to contact.

Who will buy a Scrap Car? A Cash for Car dealer or Wrecker will

Cash for Car dealers, or Scrap Car Dealers as they are sometimes called, buy cars no matter what condition they are in. What do they do with the cars? They recondition whatever parts they can, and then resell them for a small profit. The metal body, Cash for Car dealers strip of paint in eco-friendly ways and then sell as scrap to metal recycling plants.

Repair or Sell Car for Cash

How much could you get for your car from a Cash for Car or Scrap Car dealer?

It could be UpTo $7000 if your car is new or only partially used. But, do remember, Cars lose 25% of their value the moment you drive them out of the showroom. If your car is not in working condition, and no longer has any commercial value associated with it, the amount you get will be much less, as a result.

Car Removals on Time is a Cash for Car dealer you can trust

With a reputation for arrival on time and competitive price payouts, Car for Removals on Time is Cash for a Car Dealer you can trust.

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