About Us

Car Removals On Time is a car removal company with a passion for being Melbourne’s most reliable and timely Car Removals Service. As car owners ourselves, we understand the stress and hassle that can go into removing and selling your unwanted car and so we decided to become the stress-free way of selling your car no matter its condition, make, model or size. In other words, we provide car sellers peace of mind – remove your car quickly, receive a top payment by Online Bank Payment or Cheque and have it all done as smoothly as possible.

About Car Removals On Time

Our Core Values

At Car Removals On Time, we believe that no business can provide the service you deserve without certain core values.

1) Honesty

A high-quality Car Removals Service is an honest one and we prioritize providing Melbourne residents with a service that they can trust. Whether it be our honest car appraisals or our Free Car Removals, you can sleep soundly knowing that you are in good hands.

2) Reliability

We believe a company can only be as good as its team. As such, everyone – from who you speak to over the phone to our Car Removal Experts – are the most reliable in the industry and are able to fulfil your car removal requests or questions with ease.

3) Experience

When you choose Car Removals On Time, you are choosing the service of Experienced Professionals who have years of Industry Experience and knowledge. Our experts understand Car Removals like the back of their hand and can ensure you that you are satisfied with your Cash for Cars service.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: be the reliable and stress-free way to sell your Unwanted Car that is faster than the rest. Selling your car should not have to be a stressful process – and so we are dedicated to making the process a breeze for you.

We know that you are probably busy and have better things to do than put aside a few hours in your day. This is why we are committed to providing an ‘Instant’ Service – Instant Cash for Scrap Cars and ‘Instant Quotes’. You can receive your quote for your vehicle over the phone in order to be as convenient as possible for you.

Our Vision

At Car Removals On Time, we believe hassle-filled and time-consuming Car Sales can be a thing of the past in Melbourne thanks to premium Cash for Cars services like our own. We envision Melbourne residents being able to sell their vehicles and have them removed ‘Instantly’ while receiving a highly competitive payment for your car by Online Bank Payment or Cheque. With Car Removals On Time, you get the promise of reliable service and quick payment.

Contact Car Removals On Time for a no-obligation quote at 0404 113 112 or through our online enquiry form.