Turn your Scrap Car into Gold

Posted on 16th, Jun 21

Are you feeling bad for having to watch your useless car standing idle and take up space for nothing? It takes a lot to get rid of something you have earned out of your hard-earned money and is no longer any use of yours, but we have got your back with a hand full of cash ($$) to ease your problem. Car Removals on Time is claimed to be Melbourne’s one of the best and most trustworthy car removal company. We are here with you to take up your unwanted car despite its condition, model, make or size and pay you the best amount that you and your vehicle deserve. So give us a call today, right away at 0404 113 112, to get your cash fixed and have your car quickly removed for free.

Scrap Car Removal Melbourne

How much money at max would I receive for my scrap car Removal?

We are termed as the best car removal experts in the entire Melbourne for a reason. The best price that we quote for the car you thought is not worthy of getting you enough money. Since we have got your back, we will pay you at a maximum of $7000!!! For your scrap car. We buy cars, trucks, vans, 4x4s, SUVs, and Ute in any condition (from running or used to demolished or smashed up).

Can I sell my car, if it’s completely damaged?

The answer to this is YES! With our team, you can completely sell your car if it’s totally damaged too.

Here is the list of the type of cars we usually buy-

Wrecked cars
Scrap Cars
Unwanted, and
the vehicle you want to sell

Why should I trust ‘Car Removals on Time’Melbourne?

For obvious reasons, ‘why should you trust any sort of claim randomly’? And thus, we are here with our day-to-day actions disguised as points below to help you understand why you should choose us over anyone else.

Our vision is simple: take your useless car quickly and hand you your fair price with absolutely zero hassle. And you would soon realize this after placing us a call (at – 0404 113 112 ).
We are fully equipped with advanced tow trucks to source the removal of vehicles of all shapes and sizes.
Are you worried about your car’s company and uncertain if you could sell it or not? If yes, then hand over this problem to us because the good news is we are going to give you top dollars for your model because we DO NOT hesitate over the company, and your satisfaction is of our prime importance.
Our Car removal service is the best you can get in the entire Melbourne. We arrive at your step to pick up your car for FREE at any time of your convenience.
We stand for giving you the best service and believe in giving you the space to rethink our provided offer and look up to other businesses so that you get the amount and service you deserve.
When you accept our quoted offer, you will be paid right on the spot by Online Bank Payment or Cheque when we arrive at your stair to remove your car.

How can I get started with selling my car?

Your comfort is what we would always want to look after, and to get yourself started, all you need to do is give us a call at – 0404 113 112, and from there, our team of experts will look after your needs with ease.