Do I Need to inform My Insurance Company After Licence Cancellation?

Posted on 08th, Jan 22

A car licence can be cancelled for several reasons, including voluntary cancellation, outstanding work order or defect notices, failure to fit an immobiliser, dishonoured payments, and written-off automobiles. It is always helpful to follow Licence Cancellation Guidelines and inform the insurance company about the situation to avoid future mishaps.

Now you must be wondering, ‘why is it important to inform that you no longer own your vehicle?’

The insurance company has a right to know about your current licence status apart from the transportation authorities. Informing the insurer about the licence cancellation can also save your money.

What if your used car is:

  • Caught in a road accident
  • Been part of illegal activities
  • Not obeying transportation rules
  • Considered non-roadworthy

It can be challenging to explain to the authorities that the vehicle does not belong to you anymore. You may be wasting your time & energy on the same. This is why it is essential to take precautionary measures.

Licence Cancellation Guidelines When You Sell Car In Melbourne

What Are The Reasons Vehicle Licences Get Cancelled?

There are many reasons why Melbourne residents cancel their car licence, and often it’s voluntary.

Some of the causes people cancel their car licence include:

  • The car has been listed as a written-off property
  • Outstanding work order/ defect notice
  • Licence cancellation by the car owner voluntarily
  • The vehicle is sold to a new owner
  • The car is given to a car removal or wrecker
  • The car was stolen
  • The car doesn’t stick to Australian government road guidelines
  • The transport authorities have condemned the automobile.

Suppose the used car does not belong to you anymore. In that case, it is essential to cancel the registration to save yourself from prospective distress due to the new owner’s irresponsible car usage.

Do You Need Help Regarding Licence Cancellation Guidelines?

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