Can I Sell a Car Which is Not Registered in My Name?

Posted on 13th, Mar 20

There are many factors to consider when selling your car, as well as important legalities. In Victoria, it’s possible to sell a vehicle even if it is unregistered. But what if the car – assuming it’s yours – isn’t registered in your name? Well, there’s no answer that is ‘one shoe fits all’. Trying to sell a car which is not registered in your name invites all sorts of complications and is something you should be very careful about. Car Removals on Time – the leading Cash for Cars Victoria service – has decided to help you out if you plan to sell a car which isn’t registered in your name.

If you feel that you are the owner of a vehicle despite it being registered in someone else’s name, it is important to contact VicRoads and tell them about your circumstances. If the person who the car is registered to doesn’t agree to the vehicle’s sale, you could find yourself in deep water.


If you are attempting to sell a car on behalf of someone, this is possible if you get their written approval on the right documents. This can be a little tricky, so it is recommended that you contact VicRoads will provide you with the right documents. A car being sold on behalf of someone is more common than you think, especially when someone is overseas. In those cases, a Car Broker is often hired to sell their vehicle.

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